Ashok Gupta-Phosphate-Togo

Ashok Gupta the founder and CEO of Kalyan Resources a subsidiary of Kalyan Group of companies is a young entrepreneur who started his venture in late 90’s. Mr.Gupta noted the importance of phosphate rock and their need for manufacturing fertilisers for agriculture. Having more concern in improving the economic growth of his country he started importing phosphate rock to India.

In early 2000 Mr.Ashok Gupta handed over the  business to his family and shifted to Singapore to focus on developing new markets including Algeria and Togo and also started focusing on shipping. Now Ashok Gupta  found his own company Kalyan group of companies. Kalyan Group of companies having consolidated their HQ in Dubai, Kalyan resources subsidiary of Kalyan group of companies is one of the largest private traders of Rock phosphate importing from Togo into Asia. They stand as a well-diversified group with stakes in over ten different companies in industries which include Dry Bulk Shipping, Real Estate, Hospitality, Commodities & Fertiliser Trading, Diamond Mining & Exploration, Investments & Funds, Large-Scale Farming & Poultry, among others.

West Africa especially Togo is Ashok Gupta’s most important markets for growth where they have considerable investments and doing business for more than a decade. Kalyan development Togo SAU, the hospitality division of Kalyan group partnered with Carlson Rezidor and are renovating the Hotel du 2 Fevrier in Togo. Hotel du 2 février in Lome is the tallest hotel building in the whole of West Africa and also the iconic building of Togo.

Ashok Gupta is currently involved in socioeconomic activities mainly focusing on investing in Agriculture and various other projects in Togo to support the West African countries’ economic growth, where by providing employment for the Togolese people and reduce the dependence on import. Kalyan Group aims to be a large player in Agriculture in West Africa.